The Lift4Laura Foundation
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The Lift4Laura Foundation
#girlswholift #fitness #gainz #gratitude

Help us empower women, through Laura’s passion

#girlswholift #fitness #gainz #gratitude


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Laura Levis was a funny, beautiful and intelligent young woman — who also crushed it at the gym. She fell in love with strength training because she felt it empowered her both physically, and emotionally. She wanted every woman she knew to share her enthusiasm for bench presses, squats and deadlifts.

Laura is no longer with us … but her passion lives on. I am Laura’s husband, and it is my dream to establish The Lift4Laura Foundation to raise money to fund personal fitness training sessions for underprivileged and abused women, so that they too can feel empowered in their lives.

This is really Day 1 for us in the gym, so to speak, as we are just getting started. Our required documentation to obtain official not-for-profit tax status for the Lift4Laura Foundation is in process. But thanks to the Cambridge Women’s Center, where Laura was a volunteer, any gift you make today through GoFundMe will be a tax deductible charitable donation, and you’ll be provided a donation receipt.

Thank you for caring enough to click on this page, and for whatever you choose to do to strengthen our cause!

Peter DeMarco


Laura’s story


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Strength training isn’t just for men — that stereotype has been broken, in part by women like Laura. But learning how to lift correctly is important for both personal safety and achieving measurable gains. There is no substitute for working with a certified trainer, especially for women just starting on their road to fitness, or who may feel overwhelmed walking into a gym without such knowledge.

The costs of personal training, often $50 to $75 per session, can be prohibitive. Lift4Laura will remove that barrier by funding sessions for women in need who will truly benefit.


Doing this together




Fitness and health education will also be part of our mission. Laura died because of a sudden, devastating asthma attack. We hope that other lives will be spared by sharing her story, and the risks associated with this disease, which affects 18 million Americans, including 6 million children.